“I’m excited because I think I’m going to do so well that day.”

Kim Soo-hyun (29-Busan City Sports Association), an 81-kilogram women’s weightlifter who will try to win her first medal at the Paris 2024 Olympics, said with a wide smile.

For Kim, the Tokyo Olympics three years ago was a disappointment.

She competed in the 76-kilogram class, which is no longer part of the Olympic program, and lifted 106 kilograms, but was disqualified after failing in the first through third phases of the yongshang.

In fact, in the first phase, Kim lifted the barbell over his head. In the second phase, he lifted a barbell weighing 140 kilograms.

However, he was disqualified both times. The judges thought her arms were shaking.

That’s how he lost the medal.

Kim was not discouraged. In Paris, she refined her technique to ensure that her lift was judged as a good lift.

“I practiced like hell for three years, so there was probably no mistake on that day,” Kim said to the press at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, where the D-30 event was held on Saturday.

“I’m in great shape right now,” he said, adding, “I was criticized a lot for my left arm in Tokyo, and I thought I wasn’t good enough, so I’m doing a lot of reinforcement for my left arm.”

Kim Soo Hyun is also known for his role in “Singing History.

Two years ago, he appeared on the TV entertainment program “King of Masked Men” and showed off his singing skills.

These days, he is obsessed with trotting. His favorite song is “Geomungoya” by Park Ji-hyun.

When asked what song she would sing if she were to stand on the podium, Kim Soo-hyun was unable to answer for a while before saying, “I’ll think about it tonight.”

“I would be so happy to stand on the podium. Even if they asked me to dance instead of sing, I would dance,” he joked.

Fans love Kim Soo-hyun because she always exudes “positive energy.

At last year’s Asian Games in Hangzhou, he drew attention to himself by making the stern North Korean athletes laugh at the press conference.

His romance with karate champion Pee Jae-yoon was also a hot topic of conversation.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the attention, Kim has turned it into energy.

“Everyone is giving me a lot of strength, and I’m going to do my best to play well so that I can repay them,” Kim said. 바카라사이트추천

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