Barbara Zavic (29-Croatia) will join the V-League as the No. 1 pick in the Foreign Player Draft.

Zavic was selected by Pepper Savings Bank with the No. 1 pick out of a total of 41 players, including 37 invited players and four existing players, in the 2024 KOVO Women’s Foreign Player Draft at the Holiday Inn & Suites Dubai Science Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday.

The draft, which includes priority contracts, will distribute the balls in reverse order of last season’s performance, with No. 7 Pepper Savings Bank (35), No. 6 Korea Expressway Corporation (30), No. 5 IBK Bank (25), No. 4 GS Caltex (20), No. 3 Jeonggwanjang (15), No. 2 Heungkuk Life (10), and No. 1 Hyundai E&C (5). Pepper Savings Bank’s white marble was the first to go. It was followed by Chung, Korea Expressway Corporation, IBK, GS Caltex, 안전놀이터 Heungkuk Life Insurance, and Hyundai E&C. With the first pick, Jang Ji-yeon of Pepper Savings Bank called for Zavic.

The 1.91-meter Apogee spiker was considered the favorite to be selected in the draft. He was considered to have the best combination of height and offense of any ApoJit player in the draft. With Zavic’s addition, Pepper Savings Bank will have the best height in the V-League Women’s Division for the 2024-2025 season. Pepper Savings Bank previously selected 5-foot-9 middle blocker Zhang Yu (China) in the Asian Quarterly Draft.

The second pick went to Jungkwanjang.

In an earlier-than-expected pick, head coach Ko Hee-jin called time and selected Vanya Vukiric (25-Serbia), who played for Korea Expressway Corporation last season. Vukiric was the third-leading scorer in the women’s division last season. She was selected through the draft after Korea Express opted not to renew her contract. The selection of the Asian quota holder, Megawati Putiwi (Indonesian, registered name Mega), caused a stir among officials from other teams who were secretly hoping to draft her.

Roadworks’ choice was 1m83 apogee spiker Merelin Nikoleva (21-Bulgaria). IBK also picked 1m91 apogee spiker Victoria Danchak (24-Ukraine). 온라인카지노사이트 Heungkuk Life Insurance selected 1m91 apogee spiker Turku Bourge (25-Turkey).

Hyundai E&C, meanwhile, chose to stick with Leticia Moma Bassoko (31-Cameroon), who played with them last season. GS Caltex also agreed to re-sign Giselle Silva (31-Cuba) a day before the draft.

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