Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province, is hosting the nation’s largest park golf tournament, with more than 2,400 participants and a total prize pool of 130 million won.According to Hwacheon County on the 28th, the military athletic association will begin its full-scale competition schedule on the 29th, starting with the first and second qualifying rounds of the ‘Sancheon-er National Park Golf Festival’ at the park golf course along the Bukgang River in Geurye-ri, Hanam-myeon.The park golf tournament, which is in its second year, has the largest number of participants and prize money in the country.The number of participants for the qualifiers is 2,400, and applications are already closed.The men’s and women’s MVPs will receive 30 million won in prize money, trophies, championship caps, and green jackets.In addition, the total prize money for each ranking is 120 million won, including 5 million won for first place in the general and senior categories, 3 million won for second place, 1.5 million won for third place, and 1 million won for fourth place.If you add the event prizes for each category, the total prize pool for this year’s competition will reach 130.4 million won, which is 16 million won more than last year. The participation fee is 10,000 won per person for the preliminaries and 60,000 won for the finals, and athletes will receive gift certificates and agricultural specialties equal to the participation fee.A total of eight qualifying rounds will be held from this day until the 20th of next month.The finals will then be held over four days from October 17 to 20, with 90 players per category, for a total of 360 players.They will play 144 holes and be ranked in order of lowest score.Hwacheon-gun is expecting more than 8,000 participants in total, including club members and competitors who are visiting for acclimatization training before the qualifiers, and has begun preparations to welcome them.”We will continue to expand sports marketing so that the local economy can gain new momentum through park golf,” said Choi Moon-soon, mayor of 카지노사이트킹 Hwacheon-gun.

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