“It’s recreation, but you’re having a hard time? Haha.”‘Kim Ki Dong-ho’ FC Seoul set sail after completing its first training.The new head coach and the players who were sweating for the first time exhaled heavily.On the afternoon of the 5th, Seoul’s first training of the new year was held at GS Champions Park in Guri, Gyeonggi-do.For coach Kim Ki-dong, who left Pohang Steelers and signed with Seoul last month, it was his first training wearing Seoul training clothes. Pohang and Seoul have similar symbolic colors of red and black.Maybe that’s why the sight of Coach Kim coaching Seoul players didn’t seem very unfamiliar.The coach, who gave his first greeting to the players at the meeting held earlier, only spoke briefly for about a minute at the training site and started training right away.Even though it was only the first day, the intensity of training did not seem weak.It was more than just a light warm-up.

Many players seemed slightly confused by the amount of exercise that was greater than expected.Coach Kim came to the sideline, drank water, and smiled at the reporters, saying, “It’s just recreation, but you’re having a hard time?”About an hour after training began, Coach Kim called the players to the center of the playground.The training that was thought to end like that continued with the players grouping up and stealing the ball from each other.The reporters first became exhausted from the training that lasted well over an hour and a half in chilly weather, and the Seoul front desk kept bringing hot coffee to the reporters who were starting to feel cold.Even during difficult training, the players often smiled.Coach Kim communicated with the players using his signature exaggerated gestures.There are quite a few players in Seoul who previously worked with Coach Kim in Pohang.Players from Pohang and those who were not from Pohang said differently 온라인카지노 about the intensity of training that day.

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