Leticia Moma Bassoko (31-Cameroon) will be playing in the V-League for the fourth consecutive year. Giselle Silva (31-Cuba) will once again play for South Korea. Five spots remain.

The 2024 Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) Women’s Foreign Player Tryouts concluded on Monday (Aug. 8) with the second day of the event. In the morning, interviews were held at the Holiday Inn & Suites Dubai Science Park, the player and club officials’ accommodation.

The managers and coaches were divided into two groups and had two hours to talk to the players. They started by asking the players about their last match schedule and current physical condition. They were also asked about their understanding of the Korean volleyball system and whether any of their players are vegetarians. They were also asked about their approach to the high-ball offense, their history of switching positions, and their family history. Players who didn’t speak English well were assisted by a translator.

Some players were asked about their training regimen and process.

Barbara Zavic (29-Croatia), who is considered a high draft pick, said: “I always try to learn how I can become a better player. 안전놀이터 추천 I’m good at taking feedback from coaches and implementing it. I think my strengths include hitting the high ball and I have a high volleyball intelligence. She reads the game well and has a good blocking defense.”

Brianna Holman (30-USA) said: “I’ve watched a lot of V-League. I’m familiar with Catbell, so I watched the championship match between Heungkuk Life and Doro Corporation in the 2022-2023 season. I know they play a lot of defense and train a lot. I like it,” he said.

Outside hitter Tiara Caesar (25-USA), who showed her high ball ability, explained, “I was originally a libero, and I switched to outside hitter when I was a teenager.” Caesar has also attracted interest from teams in need of an outside hitter. On the other hand, Marta Matejko (26-Poland), the longest and most anticipated outside hitter, was criticized for her lack of elasticity for her height.

Italian international outside hitter Anastasia Guerra (28):

“I rested after the match on April 15th. I’m taking care of my body, so I’m a little bit under-conditioned. I played against Korea. I thought they were passionate players. I know I need to have the stamina to hold on, and I know I have to train a lot at a high level.” Taylor Fricano (USA), 29, stood out for her ability to clean up after herself during court clearance and for being polite and conscientious to officials.

“I know Leonardo Leyva, Yosvani Hernandez, and Gisele Silva,” said Cuban Heidi Rodriguez (31). They told me that it’s a competitive league and that I have to train hard.” Left-handed apo jit spiker Marilyn Nikolova (21-Bulgaria) explained that she is a vegetarian.

In the afternoon, the second round of tryouts took place at the NAS Sports Complex, with kidney measurements being taken simultaneously. At the same time, 36 players took to the court after Treaunce Rush (23-USA) was forced to withdraw from the afternoon session due to enteritis. Unlike the first day, when the players played one-set matches, the test was more of a detail-oriented one. The players’ ability to attack from behind and attack the high ball were checked, as they are expected to be the main guns.

After the second game, the evaluation was similar to the first day.

There were some players who performed better than the previous day, but the overall mood was disappointing. Head coach Ko Hee-jin said, “It’s very difficult to choose. We’ll have to wait until the final evaluation tomorrow.” Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Avondanza said, “We left a few players off the list. We have a low probability of the draw. We have a small pool of players, so we will have to pick the best players regardless of position.”

The seven clubs notified KOVO at 6 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET) at the end of the second round of trials whether or not they would re-sign their existing players, with Hyundai E&C Moma and GS Caltex Silva re-signing with their existing clubs. The re-signed players will receive an annual salary of $300,000 (approximately 400 million won, pre-tax), $50,000 more than the new players. Vanya Vukiric (25-Serbia) and Willow Johnson (26-USA) were not selected.

Hyundai E&C re-signed Asia Quarter Wipai Sittong (Thailand), who joins Moma on the roster. The defending champions also re-signed free agent Jeong Ji-yoon and will look to continue their dominance. “There are a few players who stand out, but we have low odds,” said HCE head coach Kang Sung-hyung. Moma is responsible and has been playing in Korea for three years and has never been injured,” said Kang.

Silva struggled to top the scoring charts last season, but he showed off his tireless stamina in his 30s.

GS Caltex coach Lee Young-taek said, “I don’t think there’s anyone like him. Even the players I watched on video were not as good as Silva,” he said.

Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min, who also considered selecting a new player, decided against re-signing Vukiric after much deliberation. He decided to wait and see the results of the lottery before making a final decision. If there are no players of their choice left, they can re-select Vukiric. There is also a strong possibility that Vukiric will change uniforms depending on the road team’s choice.

The draft will take place on April 9 at 3 p.m. local time (8 p.m. ET). The lottery will be conducted in reverse order of last season’s standings. 메이저 토토사이트 Including the club that exercised the right of first refusal, 7th-ranked Pepper Savings Bank (35), 6th-ranked Korea Expressway Corporation (30), 5th-ranked IBK Bank (25), 4th-ranked GS Caltex (20), 3rd-ranked Jeonggwanjang (15), 2nd-ranked Heungkuk Life (10), and 1st-ranked Hyundai E&C (5) will receive the marbles.

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