After the 78th Cheongryonggi High School Baseball Championship, when Jeon Mir of Gyeongbuk High School was named the MVP of the tournament, a promising baseball player entered the field as if he had been waiting. Usually, after the award ceremony is over, anyone can enjoy a good time at Mokdong Stadium because they are free to take pictures or meet with fans.

Among them, there were young players who were dreaming of becoming good players later as baseball prospects. This is because the national team and professional baseball players are among them. Shinil’s Mok Ji-hoon also had a successful case of joining the pros after filming a food commercial with director Kim Seong-geun when he was young.

The person who was inspired by the great senior’s performance was a boy named Park Ji-ho from Little in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. Park Ji-ho, who wore a clean uniform and watched the seniors perform from start to finish, followed his father and waited for Jeon Mir on the ground. Just in time, Jeon Mir was in the middle of an interview with the reporters, so it was a situation where he did not know when it would end.

After a long time, Jeon Mir finally moved to another interview, and Park Ji-ho sang ‘Uncle Mir’. Before he was interviewed he was with a request to give him a minute. 안전놀이터 In response, Jeon Mir willingly accepted the young player’s request, signed a baseball, and even took a commemorative photo.

With this encouragement, Mir Jeon moved on to the next interview. Park Ji-ho was also very satisfied and held the signed ball tightly.

“I don’t know what will happen to this one photo, but do you know? Really, (Park) Ji-ho can become a good player and appear again at Mokdong Stadium. When that time comes, this one photo will become another history. Don’t let go, I hope you come out of the blue dragon.”

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