Noh Gyeong-eun pitches

Professional baseball SSG Landers changes the use of the bullpen. The purpose is to strengthen the loose rear door.

SSG coach Lee Soong-yong said ahead of the 2024 professional baseball home game against the Samsung Lions held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 5th, “Starting from today’s game (if we lead), we plan to put Noh Kyung-eun in the 8th inning and Moon Seung-won in the 9th inning.”

SSG quickly put forward Noh Kyung-eun, the most reliable bullpen player so far.

It was judged that the possibility of victory could be increased by using a strong pitcher in front.

Noh Kyung-eun is playing very well this season with 4 wins, 3 losses, 16 holds, and an ERA of 2.70. She appeared as the second pitcher after the starting pitcher in three of the last five games and recorded three holds.

However, SSG, which ran out of cards quickly, suffered from an unstable back door problem.

Because there was no suitable pitcher, closing pitcher Seung-won Moon often appeared on the mound in the 8th inning. 메이저사이트

Coach Lee Soong-yong judged that if the current situation continues, veterans Noh Kyung-eun and Moon Seung-won will suffer under their subordinates.

Director Lee said, “Episodes 6 and 7 will be closed with Jo Byeong-hyun, Lee Ro-woon, and Ko Hyo-jun.”

Seo Jin-yong, who was moved down to the second team due to injury, will also be used in the 6th to 7th innings.

Coach Lee Soong-yong said, “I plan to call Seo Jin-yong to the first team around the 7th.”

Seo Jin-yong’s entry was canceled after being hit on the back of his right hand by a batted ball on the 8th of last month, and he has been playing in second-team games since the 25th of last month.

Seo Jin-yong appeared as the third pitcher in the Futures League visiting game against the Samsung Lions 2nd team held at Gyeongsan Stadium in Gyeongbuk Province on this day and pitched well, allowing 1 hit, 2 strikeouts, and no runs in 1⅔ innings.

Coach Lee Soong-yong said, “I plan to call up Choo Shin-soo along with Seo Jin-yong on the 7th,” and added, “When the two players return, they will help focus the team well.

Choo Shin-soo was left out of the first team lineup on the 7th of last month due to shoulder pain, and is recovering and improving his batting skills in the Futures League.

On this day, in the game against Samsung 2nd team, he started as the designated hitter number 2 and recorded 1 hit and 2 strikeouts in 3 at-bats. 온라인 슬롯

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