PSG is confident. Lee Kang-in (22-PSG) is dangerous. PSG are confident of signing the £100 million man.

‘PSG are confident of signing Newcastle star Bruno Guimarães,’ The Mirror reported on Monday (April 29).

‘Guimarães is at the peak of his powers at Newcastle. He has a £100 million release clause in his contract with Newcastle. PSG are confident of signing him this summer rather than in the winter transfer window. The two sides have already had close talks and are close to finalizing a deal,” the source added.

He added: ‘It is quite likely that the Saudi sovereign wealth fund will buy Newcastle and then sell Guimarães to avoid breaking FFP (financial fair play) rules. A £100 million transfer fee could only be offered to PSG.

Guimarães is an iconic midfielder in the Premier League. He is versatile. 토토사이트 Guimarães, who joined Newcastle from Ligue 1 side Lyon in a £40 million deal in 2022, is primarily a defensive midfielder, but he can play in any midfield position, making him the ‘total package’. He has the trifecta of solid defense, the ability to break up play, and forward passing.

If Guimarães joins PSG next summer, it’s more likely to be a bad thing than a good thing for Lee.

PSG currently has a void in the midfield. They don’t have many players who can partner with Kylian Mbappe up front. To be more precise, they don’t have anyone who can tear up the defense in midfield and exchange close passes with Mbappe. You need a relationship like Tottenham’s James Maddison and Son Heung-min, and PSG doesn’t have a ‘Maddison’. A strong candidate is Lee Kang-in. Historically, Lee has played as a winger, but Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele have moved to the center.

In other words, there was a lot of talk of playing Lee in central midfield to maximize Mbappe’s potential as a frontline striker with his pressing and passing genius.

However, in his first year at PSG, 토토사이트 순위 Lee was called up to the Asian Games and the Asian Cup, which meant he didn’t have much time to gel with his teammates, so his place in the team has yet to be solidified.

If Guimarães joins PSG, their system could be completely transformed. They would be able to utilize Guimarães not only in the third line, but also in the second line. With a player of his caliber, Lee’s transformation into a midfielder could be challenging. Of course, Guimarães as a defensive midfielder and Lee as an attacking midfielder could work well together. While there are positive scenarios, it’s definitely not a green light for Lee.

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