Samcheok City Hall women’s handball team defeats Gyeongnam Development Corporation to advance to the championship game.

Samcheok City Hall won a dramatic one-point victory over Gyeongnam Development Corporation 26-25 in the women’s playoffs of the ‘Shinhan SOL Pay 2023-2024 Handball H League’ on the 25th. In this match, Samcheok City Hall and Gyeongnam Development Corporation kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. In particular, the second-half insertion of Kim On-ah (Samcheok) changed the course of the game and led the team to victory.

In the first half, Gyeongnam Development Corporation’s Lee Yoo-jin opened the scoring with a goal at 1:37. Gyeongnam then scored the first three goals in a row to take the lead, but Jeon Jeon-yeon (Samcheok) scored on a one-on-one breakaway with an assist from Kim Bo-eun (Samcheok) at the 5:46 mark. Kim Ga-young (Samcheok) and Kang Byul (Samcheok) then scored to tie the game. The goalkeepers of both teams also made great saves. Samcheok City Hall’s Park Sae-young and Gyeongnam Corporation’s Oh Sa-ra (Gyeongnam) showed their playoff-caliber performances with saves. The first half ended 12-12 as Gyeongnam failed to capitalize on their wing play. Also, Kim Seol-hwa (Gyeongnam) covered Kim Bo-eun (Samcheok) well and tied her up.

The second half started with Samcheok City Hall’s first offense. In the first minute, Choi Su-ji (Samcheok) scored with a 7-meter throw to start the second half. In the second half, the game continued to be tense, but Gyeongnam’s Osara made good saves from Choi Soo-jin and Yeon Yeon-jin to take the lead. The goal difference widened to three points after Park Se-hyun (Gyeongnam) was sent off for a lunging strike, but Kim On-ah (Samcheok) was introduced and the ‘Kim On-ah effect’ was revealed. He scored a strong shot at 8:20 of the second half to lift the team’s spirits. Afterward, Yeon Yeon-jin scored the first basket of the game to make it 15-16 and narrow the gap to one point. Despite being physically exhausted, the team showed organic movement centered on Choi Soo-jin (Samcheok). Kang Byul (Samcheok)’s under-shooting was also excellent. Samchuk’s intercepted shot tied the game at 17-17 and set the tone.

The introduction of the eldest sisters of Samcheok City Hall created a different game pattern from the first half. The play of the Samcheok City Hall sisters made the 토토사이트 coach of Gyeongnam Development Corporation hurry. There was also a mistake by Samcheok City in the middle. They gave up an interception to Kim Isul (Gyeongnam) and fell behind 18-19. After equalizing the score, Kim Sora (Gyeongnam) was given a two-minute technical foul. Kang Byul (Samcheok) scored on the rebound to take the lead. With the score tied at 25-25 with 16 seconds left in the second half, Kim Sun-ah took a 7-meter throw and converted, sealing the 26-25 victory with 10 seconds left.

In the final game, Gyeongnam Development Corporation sent all seven players, including the goalie, to attack, but Samcheok’s Park Sae-young made a great save to win the game and set up a championship match against SK Sugar Gliders. Samcheok City Hall has never beaten Gyeongnam before, but this time, the players’ great teamwork made the victory possible. All the players of Samcheok City Hall were MVPs in this match. In particular, coach Lee Kye-cheong’s decision to introduce Kim On-ah in the second half was a masterpiece, and Kim On-ah, who played the role of an ‘ace’, showed her veteran-like appearance. In addition, goalkeeper Park Sae-young’s ‘crazy saves’ made the game refreshing.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect to win, but I’m glad I kept my last form alive,” said Park Sae-young (Samcheok), who made 16 saves. “I didn’t even want to think about going to overtime. I will take care of my body and recover to play for the championship,” and Park Sae-young, who made 16 saves, expressed her gratitude to the fans, saying, “I hope you will support me until the end and I will play hard.”

The Samcheok City Hall women’s handball team, led by coach Lee Kye-cheong, won the playoffs and will play the championship game against the SK Sugar Gliders on May 29 at the SK Handball Stadium.


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