Korea Fuji Packing has donated to Gimcheon Sangsang for the fourth consecutive year.

The company held a donation ceremony at the CEO’s office on the 23rd. Korea Fuji Packing CEO Kim Young-myeon and CEO Bae Nak-ho attended the ceremony for the fourth consecutive year. 홀덤사이트 Korea Fuji Packing has donated money to the club every year since its inception in 2021.

Founded in September 1985, Korea Fuji Packing specializes in the production of gaskets (stoppers used at the joints of pipelines to prevent gas or oil from leaking out), which are essential for major industries such as oil refining, petrochemicals, power generation, steel, and shipbuilding.

Korea Fuji Packing is a leading company in its field. It is recognized not only in Korea, but also globally, with a 25% domestic market share and deliveries to overseas countries.

Mr. Kim Young-myeon, CEO of Korea Fuji Packing, said, “We are pleased to deliver the sponsorship to Sangmu again this year. This season marks a new beginning for Sangmu in the K League 1, and we wish them the best of luck.”

Mr. Bae Nak-ho, CEO of Korea Fuji Packing, said, “Korea Fuji Packing has been a strong supporter of Sangmu since its inception. We are grateful for their continued support this year. Last season, we were greatly encouraged by winning the K League 2 title. This year, we will do our best in the K League 1 with the support of Korea Fuji Packing.”

For more information on sponsoring the club, please contact the commercial marketing team.

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