Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Jang-ran traveled to Hangzhou, China, to encourage athletes competing at the Hangzhou 2022 Para Asian Games .Vice Minister Jang Jang-ran attended the “Opening Ceremony of Hangzhou 2022 APG Korea House” on the first floor of the Sofitel Hangzhou Yingguan Hotel in Hangzhou, China, on March 21, where she greeted key figures and officials from domestic Para sports. “After the successful opening of the first Korea House at the 2018 Games in Indonesia, I congratulate you on overcoming the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to open the second Korea House in Hangzhou,” Jang said.

“The Republic of Korea is now the undisputed leader and enabling environment for Para sports in Asia,” Jang said, noting that the country has produced four consecutive members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Executive Board, as well as its diplomacy in Para sports through the International Para Youth Sports Camp, the Dream Program, and the International Para Sports Seminar.

South Korea has produced four IPC Executive Board members: Jang Hyang-sook, former President of the Korean Para Sports Federation in 2009; Na Kyung-won, former Member of Parliament in 2014; Kim Sung-il, former President of the Korean Para Sports Federation in 2017; and Jung Jae-joon, Vice President of the Korean Para Sports Federation.

“I believe that Korea House is a place for the development of Korean Para sports and the promotion of Korean culture,” said Vice Minister Jang Jang-ran. “I hope that you will do your best in the remaining time to make Korea House an effective place for international exchange and promotion of Korea.” Vice Minister Jang Jang-ran also traveled to Hangzhou last month to cheer on athletes competing in the Asian Games.

“As an athlete, I competed in the Olympic Games and the Asian Games, so I didn’t get to see any other games, but watching the last Asian Games made me very nervous and tearful,” she said. “I will cheer for the athletes at the Asian Para Games. I hope our 토토사이트 athletes will show their full potential and achieve good results.”

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