Harness racing is a form of horse racing that involves a Standardbred horse pulling a small, two-wheeled vehicle known as a sulky while racing at high speeds. The Sulky, also known as a Gig, Cart, Cycle, or Spider, is a two-wheeled vehicle with an aerodynamic design for maximum speed. It is linked to the horse’s saddle and drawn behind the animal by the driver, who controls the direction of the animal. People put money on the winners or combinations of winners through bookmakers or totalizers in this gambling sport.

In America in the 1800s, the horses used to transport the mail were forced to compete in races, which gave rise to the sport. Yet, it truly took off when Hambletonian, the first and most well-known harness racing horse, arrived in the 1850s.

This sport is performed individually. Both genders are capable of doing it, yet certain races might divide some horses based on gender. Typically, harness racing takes place on 토토사이트 dirt racetracks. With the exception of the UK, harness racing has gained greater popularity than thoroughbred racing worldwide.


The breed of horses that compete in these events is the standardbred, which is well renowned for its prowess in harness racing. The breed was created in North America, and it is now renowned throughout the world for its aptitude for harness racing. They are dependable, well-built horses with pleasant personalities.

Pacing and trotting horses are the two types of harness racing horses that are distinguished by their gaits. The pacers’ legs are moved laterally while pacing. A little whip will be carried by the driver to signal the horse. The trotter advances its legs diagonally while trotting. If a horse accelerates into a canter or gallop during a harness race, they must be slowed back down into their proper gait in order to avoid being disqualified. Although it is uncommon, trotters can enter pacer races but are not permitted to run against pacers.

Most of these horses begin their careers as pacers, but once they begin to trot naturally during training, they are converted to trotting horses and enter trotting races. Nevertheless they must register as either a Pacer or a Trotter and are not permitted to participate in both races.

A single-seat leisure vehicle gave rise to the contemporary harness racing machine. Carts had been employed in earlier races. In its finished state, it essentially consists of a U-shaped shaft set on two wheels with a seat. It weighed roughly 125 lb when harness racing was first introduced in the early 19th century, but by the 1870s, it had been lowered to 46 lb. The current shape 카지노사이트 was formed in the 1880s with the inclusion of ball bearings, pneumatic tires, and bicycle wheels; nevertheless, there have been improvements since then. Lowering the driver’s seat was done.

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