Wife: “Lotte Na Kyun-an, assaulted and cheating” vs. “It’s not true”

The Lotte Giants professional baseball team denied the revelations made by his wife,

Mr. A, that Na Kyun-an (26) had committed violence and had an affair.

Mr. A said on his social network service (SNS) live broadcast on the 27th that he was aware of Na Kyun-an’s affair last summer and that they had already been separated since October of last year.

She also claimed that Na Kyun-an’s violence caused him to hit his head and cause him to pass out,

and police and an ambulance arrived. 파워볼게임

Na Kyun-an

In addition, he added that Na Kyun-an is requesting a divorce, but no child support is being paid.

Mr. A claimed that as soon as Na Kyun-an won her gold medal at the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ held last year,

she cut off contact with him and made a video call with her affair partner.

He also reported that Na Gyun Ahn’s affair partner was from an entertainment establishment.

In addition, she revealed, “Na Kyun-an said, ‘If your wife comes, you lose the game,

but if her girlfriend comes, you win,’ and she called me and her affair woman at the same time.”

Mr. A said that he became aware of Na Kyun-an’s affair when he discovered a photo of her with another woman in Na Kyun-an’s cell phone photo album,

and that Na Kyun-an later demanded a divorce from her and used violence against her.

During the off-season after marriage, Mr. A received financial support from his parents

and said that his father-in-law also gave allowance to Na Kyun-an.

In fact, Mr. A is known to have posted a post on SNS in the past boasting that whenever Na Kyun-an became a winning pitcher, her father gave her 1 million won.

Mr. A

Also, the story is famous among baseball fans that Mr. A’s father bought three vehicles for her son-in-law, Na Gyun-ahn.

Ms. A changed her account to private after the broadcast,

but the contents of her broadcast quickly spread through online communities and SNS.

Na Kyun-an’s account is also private.

The club stated, “We are separated from Mr. A and are in the process of divorce,

and neither domestic violence nor any affair is true.”

Na Kyun-an, born in 1998, joined the Lotte Giants in 2017. Afterwards, in 2020, he changed his name from Na Jong-deok to Na Kyun-an and started a new beginning.

He participated as a national team member at last year’s Asian Games and helped win the men’s gold medal in baseball.

He married Mr. A, who is one year older than him, in December 2020,

and had a daughter in November of the following year.

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