Getting hit by Hanwha’s Noh Si-hwan (23), the KBO’s top slugger, is inevitable. Or that he was hit by Nick Williams, a struggling foreign hitter. 

The important thing is that there were no consecutive hits and no walks. You can’t judge everything in one game. We need to see a few more games. However, left-hander Tanner Tully (29, NC) certainly gave off the vibe that he could make a successful soft landing in the KBO.

Tanner signed with NC as a replacement for the up-and-down Taylor Widener (Samsung). It is not easy to sign a quality left-handed foreign pitcher at this time of year. However, NC believed in Tanner’s strengths and signed him. A lefty with a fastball that tops out in the mid-90s and a slider and changeup that can be used both inside and outside.

In the real world, Tanner was exactly that. He topped out at 144 mph with a slider and changeup. He rarely threw a curveball. However, the reality is that in the KBO, pitchers no longer have to have a moving fastball, such as a two-seam or cutter, to survive. It’s not an easy adjustment for a three-pitch starter.

However, this may change if sophisticated borderline pitching is possible. That remains to be seen. However, there weren’t too many mistakes in the first game. Even the fastball to Williams was well inside the zone. He went six innings and didn’t walk a batter, so that was encouraging.

He did get hit by a pitch up the middle. But he hit it well. He’s the scariest hitter in the 10 clubs right now. His fastball has a high probability of going over the fence if he gets even a little bit of crowd. He’s starting to go over the fence even when pushed, so he’s in the 30-40 home run club.

NC has set a timetable for Lee Jae-hak’s return, while Koo Chang-mo is expected to take a little longer. In a pinch, they could have a good starting lineup at the 사설토토 end of the season or in the postseason. However, for the time being, they will have to rely on ace Eric Peddy and Tanner to carry the load. Song Myung-ki and Shin Min-hyuk are promising, but they are not guaranteed to provide stability.

Tanner’s performance will be crucial for NC in the best-of-five battle. A good start. I saw a lot to be hopeful about.

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