Asian Games, Medal hopeful Shooting Song Jong-ho

Bang bang bang bang… ‘5 shots in 4 seconds’ quick-fire pistol medal hunting ‘new world’

Kim Seo-joon and ‘last year’s world championship gold’ Lee Geon-hyeok and sortie together Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Fires 5 shots in 4 seconds. chance is 8.

Five palm-sized targets, 25 meters apart, are placed one after the other at 75 cm intervals.

Adjust your breathing, raise one arm, fix your shoulder, and bring your concentration to its peak.

For right-handed players, start with the target on the right and hit the target one by one in order.

Rapid-Fire Pistol

In the 25m rapid-fire pistol, a total of 30 shots are fired twice in the first and second half of the final round, 카지노사이트 with two 8-second shots, two 6-second shots, and two 4-second shots.

In the final, where the top 6 players rise, 5 shots per 4 seconds per round, a total of 8 shots are fired to determine the winner.

Due to the nature of a rapid-fire pistol that fires multiple shots in quick succession, malfunctions such as momentarily misfire or cartridge failure to eject properly occur occasionally.


The opportunity to reshoot is given once, but when faced with an unexpected variable,

it is inevitable to be mentally affected due to the nature of the event that requires a high level of concentration.

That’s why the shooter’s shooting skills are important,

but luck on the day of the match must also be supported.

Song Jong-ho

Song Jong-ho, the star of the men’s 25m rapid fire pistol,

who consistently produces stable results in international competitions,

is preparing to unleash golden gunfire in the individual and team competitions in Hangzhou.

In the previous 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Song Jong-ho,

who had failed to advance to the finals with the top 6 players in 7th place in the preliminaries,

is trying to wash away his regrets 5 years ago in this tournament.

World Cup Shooting

Song Jong-ho, ranked 14th in the world, improved his physical condition

by winning a bronze medal at the World Cup Shooting Contest held in Jakarta, Indonesia last February,

won a gold medal at the Hanwha Chairman’s Cup National Shooting Contest in June.

He passed the finals in third place, but won the championship after a fierce battle in the finals,

beating Lee Geon-hyeok (Sangmu) by one point.

Changwon Mayor’s Cup

Song Jong-ho, who consistently maintained top records in the previously held Changwon Mayor’s Cup,

the Chief of Security, and the Daegu Mayor’s Cup,

is ranked first as a result of adding up the records of this year’s competitions.

Song Jong-ho also hunts for the gold medal in the 25m rapid-fire pistol team event

along with Kim Seo-joon (Gyeonggi Provincial Office) and Lee Geon-hyeok.

Korea Shooting

Korea, which boasts an overall even skill, shows a strong appearance in the team event where ‘there should be no holes’.

Song Jong-ho was a gold medalist in this category at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games,

but at the last tournament, the team event was not held due to local shooting range conditions,

so he did not get a chance to add a medal.

World Championships

Instead, he won a bronze medal in the rapid-fire pistol team event at the 2018 World Championships,

a silver medal in the team event at the Asian Shooting Championships the following year.

At last year’s Baku World Cup Shooting Competition in Azerbaijan,

she won the gold medal in the 25m rapid fire pistol in the mixed event paired with Kim Rana,

then teamed up with Han Dae-yoon (Nowon-gu Office) and Lee Jae-kyun (KB) to stand tall on the podium.

Baku World Championships

On the 21st (local time), at the Baku World Championships with Kim Seo-joon and Lee Geon-hyeok,

he trailed Germany by only one point and won the bronze medal,

raising expectations for the Asian Games.

Kim Seo-joon

Kim Seo-joon, who will also participate in the 25m rapid-fire pistol team event in this event,

is also a pillar of Korean shooting.

Kim Seo-joon, who won two gold medals at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, won a bronze medal in the 25m rapid fire pistol at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games.

Prior to that, he set a world record by shooting 38 points in the World Cup final held in Changwon.

This record was rewritten by China’s Li Yuehong (39 points) on the 22nd.

Lee Geon-hyeok, whose skills have grown rapidly recently, is also a good marksman.

Lee Kun-hyeok won the gold medal in the 25m rapid-fire pistol at the World Championships last year and gave Korea a quota in the rapid-fire pistol at the Paris Olympics.

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