Son Woong-jung, the father of soccer player Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and a youth soccer coach, has been accused of child abuse.

According to Hankyoreh on the 26th, Mr. G, a parent who accused Son Woong-jung, who runs the ‘SON Soccer Academy’, and two coaches of child abuse, said, “(Son) is a father who raised a top sports star. There are many parents who are in the position of entrusting their children to him, so they can’t say anything, as if they are members of a religious group.”

Mr. G’s son took the test last November and passed, joining Son’s soccer academy in Chuncheon. “A week after enrolling, I went to pick him up and found out about the abuse. My wife was surprised to see it, but I had to put up with it because I wanted my son to be good. It was hell for us for a few months,” he said.

Mr. G said that when he traveled from Incheon to Chuncheon to pick up his child on the weekends, he deliberately scheduled his departure to coincide with the end of training. “During training, there was a lot of swearing, and as a parent, it was unbearable to watch from the sidelines. Even during games, they would call them names, swear at them, and make such a scene that they would freeze up and not play well. My son said, ‘I don’t want to play soccer anymore,'” said Mr. A.

Mr. and Mrs. G noticed the bruises on their son’s thighs shortly after he returned from a training camp in Japan in March. “He was hit with a flagpole during training, and it was so hard to move. I endured it because it was expensive and my parents were supporting me, but I hated going to training,” he said.

“It’s one thing to be strict with training and education, but it’s another thing to scare kids with verbal abuse and swearing. There was abuse not only in training but also in the dormitory, such as hitting the head and buttocks. Please punish them strongly so that there are no other victims.”

Earlier in the day, Son Woong-jung and two coaches from the SON Soccer Academy were sent to prosecutors on suspicion of child abuse under the Child Welfare Act, according to Yonhap News Agency.

In March, student A claimed that during a training camp in Okinawa, Coach B of SON Soccer Academy hit him in the thigh with a corner kick stick, causing a wound that required medical treatment for two weeks.

Coach B ordered the team to run from the goal to the center line in 20 seconds because they had lost the game, and when four players, including A, failed to make it in time, he hit them.

They also claimed that they were yelled at by Coach Son when they made mistakes or performed poorly during training. Coach C said he slapped his buttocks, calves, and head in the hostel and pulled his sideburns.

The Gangwon National Police Agency, which investigated the case, sent Son and coaches B and C to prosecutors in mid-April. 파워볼사이트 추천

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