The possibility of staying due to improved performance and dissuasion of the club

Barcelona coach Chavi Hernandez has declared that he will step down at the end of this season, but the possibility of staying has always been raised due to improved performance and the club’s dissuasion. The Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo has come to mention the specific conditions under which coach Chavi will reverse his resignation.

The media outlet said Chavi officially announced his resignation about two months ago, but recently announced the possibility of a reversal to Barcelona. From 토토사이트, the conditions required are the recruitment of two types of players. The first is the recruitment of defensive midfielder. The second is No. 8 (offensive central midfielder) with creativity.

When Chavi announced his resignation, the team was performing so poorly that no one stopped him. However, he went on an unbeaten streak of eight wins and three draws in 11 matches and advanced to the quarterfinals at the UCL, stabilizing his team. He also beat Atletico Madrid, one of the toughest matches in the league, by 3-0.

There has been a desire to continue commanding.

As the performance improved, there has been a desire for coach Chavi to continue to lead, with Juan Laporta interviewing him to stay with the team. Then, coach Chavi seems to have told the club that he will remain only if he strengthens the squad.

He led the team through one season for the first time in the 2022-2023 season, and led the team to the top of Spain’s La Liga. It was the season when he shook off the sluggishness that began in his late years and declared his revival.

All the transfer fees available in the account book have been exhausted.

However, Barcelona, which steadily recruited players despite financial difficulties to revive the team, ran out of transfer fees that it could use in its accounting books last summer. Indeed, the team is almost impossible to recruit players. The team used all of its leases and free agents, which do not cost any transfer fees, to receive Clément Langle, Ilkay Gündogan, Inigo Martinez, João Félix, João Cancelo, but their limits were obvious. Despite earning transfer fees from Usman Dembele and Frank Kessier, and saving salaries for Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, and Samuel Umtiti, Barcelona lacked funds to recruit players.

In particular, the replacement for defensive midfielder Busquets, who has been an irreplaceable key member, was too expensive. Oriol Roméu, a Barcelona player who played for several teams, tried to put out the fire at a low price, but Roméu was too rugged. Roméu, Gundoan, and Frenkie De Jong were used alternately for defensive midfielder positions, but none of them were satisfied.

Coach Chavi is open to a reversal.

It can be said that this is why Chavi demanded the recruitment. Barcelona is ranking second in the La Liga this season, but it is difficult to catch up with Real Madrid, the leader, as it is eight points shorter than Real Madrid. In addition, the team failed to advance to the quarterfinals at the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup of Spain), and lost to the final at the Super Cup, showing sluggish performance at the cup competition. It is in the quarterfinals at the UCL.

Examples of defensive midfielders Chavi requested include Real Sociedad’s Martin Subimendi and Bayern Munich’s Jojua Kimmich. They are players who can lead the entire team by spraying balls from the back. Bernardo Silva, Chavi’s successor, is considered No. 8. Silva is one of the players who has constantly been rumored to be transferred to Barcelona.

There are many coaches who have declared that they will leave this season after the end of the season. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and Christian Streich Freiburg need rest after making long contributions to the club. Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel had no choice but to let go of the team due to poor performance and leadership problems. Unlike them, Chavi, who performed well a year ago, is young and a legendary player in the club, has a possibility to reverse the situation.

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