Huang Sunhong arrives in Hangzhou, being cautious to bring in Lee Kang-in.

Fans flocked to the airport early in the morning to watch the national soccer team head to Hangzhou.

The players were in high spirits as the fans gave them a warm welcome and decided when ace Lee Kang-in would join them.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong kicked off with the lion’s share of the rallying cry, “Breaking the pots to cook rice and sinking the ships to return home.

[Hwang Sun-hong/ASIAN GAMES Football Team Head Coach: “With the spirit of Pabu Chimjoo, I will do my best to make sure that we can achieve our desired goal.”]

[Baek Seung-ho/Captain of the Korean National Football Team at the Asian Games : “The feeling is different, and we will show good form from the Kuwait game and definitely win the gold medal.”]

As for when Lee Kang-in will be available for the most anticipated match, coach Hwang Sun-hong is in no rush.

Lee won’t be able to play in the second game as he will be arriving on the evening of the 21st, but he could be available as early as the third game.

However, since he hasn’t played a live match yet after recovering from his injury, we’ll check his physical condition and decide on his participation.

[Hwang Sun-hong/Asian Games head coach: “I think we need to calculate at what point Lee Kang-in will be maxed out, and we’ll decide when to put him in based on that rather than rushing him in early.”]

The team arrived in Hangzhou, where the tournament will be held, after a two-hour flight.

The team was inundated with photo requests for captain Baek Seung-ho, 온라인카지노 who scored a goal against Brazil at the Qatar World Cup.

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