South Korea national soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann (GER), who has been under fire for his frequent trips abroad, has left the country again. According to the Korea Football Association on the 20th, Klinsmann left for his home in Los Angeles through Incheon International Airport the day before .It’s been five days since he returned home on the 14th after playing the September A match on a European tour. During his stay in Korea, Klinsmann watched two K League 1 matches on the field. “Klinsmann will take care of his personal business in Los Angeles before traveling to Europe to inspect the national team,” said a source from the Korea Football Association .Initially, Klinsmann had planned to travel to Munich, Germany, after the A-Match in September. He was scheduled to check on Bayern Munich’s Kim Min-jae before traveling to Los Angeles for personal business. However, as public opinion deteriorated over his frequent ‘remote work’, he drastically changed his plans and returned home with the national team on the 14th.He said that he will organize his personal affairs, which he could not see because of this, and then go to Europe to check on the overseas team .An official from the Korea Football Association said, “Coach Klinsmann will return to Korea at the end of September to visit the K League and check on domestic players.”After returning home at the end of September, Klinsmann will begin preparations for two A matches in October .The national team will face Tunisia on October 13 at 8 p.m. at Seoul World Cup Stadium and Vietnam on October 17 at 8 p.m. at Suwon World Cup Stadium .Klinsmann, who was appointed in February, has drawn criticism for spending a lot of time abroad, contrary to the KFA’s explanation that he was supposed to be based in Korea. After coaching South Korea against Colombia (2-2 draw) and Uruguay (1-2 loss) in March, Klinsmann left for the United States on April 1 and returned to South Korea on April 26 after inspecting the European side from the middle of that month .He then departed for the Asian Cup group draw on May 7, and after the event, flew to the United States to work remotely before returning to Korea on June 2.He played in the June A matches against Peru (0-1 loss) and El Salvador (1-1 draw) before taking a month-long vacation. On Aug. 1, he left the country again for a charity event scheduled before his inauguration and a European tour, staying out of the country for more than a month before returning to coach the September A match in England. Klinsmann’s first game of the two-match September A series was a 0-0 draw against Wales, but the second game, a 1-0 win against Saudi Arabia, gave him the much-anticipated “first win” in his first six games. The negative publicity surrounding Klinsmann, which was briefly 스포츠토토존 quelled by the win over the Saudis, is likely to rear its ugly head again on this trip.

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