Will we see Kylian Mbappe play at the Paris Olympics?

Mbappe is leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) at the end of the season. His next destination has already been decided: Real Madrid. Real have had their eye on Mbappe for several years now and have finally reached an agreement. Madrid is already excited to have Mbappe on board, and the media has been licking its chops at the prospect of a Mbappe-led Real attack.

However, Mbappe hasn’t even played a game in a Real shirt and has already clashed with the club. Mbappe’s participation in the Paris Olympics

The Paris Olympics will return on July 26th. There”s a soccer program. While the U-23 national teams from around the world will be fighting for the trophy, players over the age of 24 can join the squads as wild cards.

Mbappe has repeatedly expressed his desire to play in the Olympics in his home country. Ahead of his final game for PSG, Mbappe said: “We have to wait. I don’t need to say my intentions anymore. Everyone knows. If it’s in Paris, it’s even more special,” he said before his final match for PSG.

But Real has no intention of letting them go. “Real have written to the French Football Federation saying they will not send the players despite personal intervention from French President Emmanuel Macron,” the UK’s The Telegraph reported on Thursday. Mbappe has expressed his desire to play in the Olympics, something Macron has also said. “We will do everything to build a competitive team,” he said. I have confidence in a European club. This is the club,” he said, indirectly 토토 targeting Real.

Real’s position is clear. They refuse to sell Mbappe. Mbappe is also playing in the UEFA Euro 2024, and the Olympics start two weeks after the Euro schedule ends. Furthermore, the Olympic soccer games coincide with the opening day of the 2024-25 Spanish La Liga season. After all the work that went into signing him, we want him to rest in the off-season and be at his best next season.

Meanwhile, unlike Mbappe, his teammate Ashraf Hakimi is likely to make the Olympics. “PSG will allow Hakimi to compete in the Olympics this summer,” said journalist Loic Tanji, who follows the European transfer market.

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