“One player sent a disgruntled message, team split in all directions”

Things don’t look good for the England soccer team. A text message from one of the players has surfaced that doesn’t sound pleasant at all.

“All is not well with the England national team. Text messages from a disgruntled player have been released,” the Mirror reported on Thursday.

England was touted as a strong favorite heading into the tournament, but that has been upended since the tournament began. England won their first group game 1-0 against Serbia. However, they chose to be passive after scoring the opening goal.

The lethargic performance continued. In the second round, they drew 1-1 with Denmark. In the third round, they faced Slovenia and drew 0-0.

They even faced elimination in the round of 16 against Slovakia. In the 25th minute, Schranz opened the scoring with a half-beat quick shot from Strelecz’s pass. After conceding, England pushed forward, but the goal didn’t come easily.

A miracle happened just before the end of the match. Five minutes into second-half stoppage time, Bellingham rattled the Slovakian net with a spectacular overhead kick from Gehi’s header in the box. The game went into extra time, and England won 2-1 thanks to Kane’s goal in the first minute of extra time.

Despite reaching the quarterfinals, the local reaction has not been favorable. There have even been recent reports of divisions within the England squad. Media outlets have even leaked text messages from a disgruntled player complaining about the team atmosphere.

Alan Brazil, who has previously played for Ipswich Town and Stoke City, revealed this in a broadcast. “I hate to say this, and I don’t mean to be slanderous, but I got a text from a player saying he wasn’t happy at all. There’s division everywhere,” he said.

Football pundit Piers Morgan, who was in the same room, said: “If the players put as much energy on the pitch as they do criticizing their critics, we can 먹튀검증가이드 win games in a heartbeat. Whatever lineup we put out there, we have to take responsibility. Stop whining about the media who have been very mild in their criticism compared to how bad we have been.”

Morgan said of England manager Southgate: “The bottom line is that Southgate is leading a very talented group of players. If Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Jürgen Klopp, etc. had been in charge of this team, the tempo would have been much faster.”

“If you look at the England team, they were walking around like snails. I don’t know why, I don’t know. Spain or Switzerland play twice as fast as we do. There’s something inherently wrong with the way they play.”

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