Lee Jong-woon, acting manager of Lotte, the third ‘acting manager’ in KBO history

With Sutton’s resignation, he led Lotte for the first time in 8 years since 2015, when he was the official command tower.

Lee Jong-woon

The professional baseball Lotte Giants will entrust acting coach Lee Jong-woon (57) with the baton for the remaining 36 games this season, 토토사이트

including the match against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 29th.

Larry Sutton

On the 17th and 27th, when former coach Larry Sutton (53) was away due to health problems,

acting head coach Lee Jong-woon led the team, but at the time,

it was in the form of a ‘head coach leading the team as an acting manager’.

When Sutton resigned on the 28th, Lotte appointed head coach Lee Jong-woon

as an “acting manager” to lead the team for the remaining 36 games.

In 2015, acting manager Lee Jong-woon spent a season as Lotte’s first-team official command tower.

At the time, Lotte was only 8th with 66 wins, 77 losses and 1 draw,

then coach Lee Jong-woon, who signed a 3-year contract,

left the team with 2 years left in the contract period.

Acting Coach

Acting head coach Lee Jong-woon, who returned to Lotte as the second-team coach this year,

was changed to head coach on June 27,

when the team atmosphere was chaotic, and returned to the first-team dugout.

He now leads the team as an acting manager.

KBO League

Acting manager Lee Jong-woon is the third person to take over

as acting manager to lead the remainder of the season after the previous manager,

who was the official commanding officer of the first team in the KBO League, resigned.

Former manager Kim Seong-geun led the OB Bears from 1984 to 1988,

the Pacific Dolphins from 1989 to 1990, the Samsung Lions from 1991 to 1992,

the Ssangbangbang Raiders from 1996 to 1999 as the ‘first team command tower’, and then on May 16, 2001,

the LG Twins led the LG Twins with Lee Kwang-eun.

When I broke up with the director at the time, I became an ‘acting manager’.

It was the first case in which a former 1st team command tower took over as acting manager.

Former manager Kim Seong-geun recorded 49 wins, 42 losses, 7 draws,

a high win rate of 0.538 during the acting manager period in 2001,

became the official manager of LG in 2002.

Woo Yong-deuk

Former coach Woo Yong-deuk, who led the Samsung 1st team from 1993 to 1995,

led the remaining 50 games (27 wins, 22 losses, 1 draw, 551 win rate)

as an acting manager after then Lotte coach Kim Myeong-seong passed away in July 2001, and in 2002,

Lotte’s He was appointed as the official first-team manager.

Former manager Kim Yong-hee also experienced life as a first-team manager,

led two games as an acting manager when Woo Yong-deuk was sacked in June 2002,

but this was a ‘short-term’ commanding the team for a while

until Lotte appointed former manager Baek In-cheon.

It was a temporary job.

Lee Jong-woon

Acting head coach Lee Jong-woon, who became ‘Lotte’s field manager‘ after eight years,

said, “It’s really embarrassing.

I think it’s everyone’s responsibility, including the coaches and players,

for the manager (Sutton) to leave like that.”

Lotte was in 7th place until the 28th.

They have also lost their last 7 games in a row.

Acting manager Lee Jong-woon may play 36 more difficult games than in 2015

when he led the team as manager.

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