Every time the monster goalie takes a shot, the crowd of 64,000 at Seoul World Cup Stadium erupts in cheers.


Only Griezmann can control the pace, and he makes an incredible run past Foden.

The battle between the two teams, reminiscent of a European Champions League match, culminated in a fantastic goal streak.

Atletico Madrid’s Depay opened the scoring with a powerful strike, sending Simeone’s passion boiling over.

Atletico’s finishing touch, the epitome of counter-attacking, was Carrasco’s stunning mid-range strike.

City pulled one back with a header from defender Hubin Dias, but in the end, Atletico had the last laugh with a 2-1 win.

[Memphis Depay/Atletico Madrid: “It was fun because of the Korean fans who cheered for every move the players made, I liked the passion they showed.”]

There was also some great fan service from superstars like Holland, Griezmann, and Depay.

After the game, Holland waved and said hello to each and every one of them, jumped over a billboard, and threw his jersey into the crowd.


Holland, whose departure from the country was delayed by 40 minutes due to torrential rain, was unavailable for an interview but took to his social media accounts to thank the Korean fans.

With England and La Liga’s prestigious teams visiting Korea, 카지노사이트킴 and even a wave cheer, the Midsummer Night’s Soccer Festival was a memorable experience for all.

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