Lee Jong-gul (61), the former president of the K League 2 Ansan Greeners FC, who went on trial for receiving money in exchange for signing players to professional soccer clubs, and Choi Tae-wook (42), a former national team coach who is accused of conspiring to provide money, denied all crimes at the trial. Judge Kim Sang-il of the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 1 opened the first trial of seven people, including Lee, who is accused of bribery, Bae Mo-san, the club’s power-enhancement team leader, and Choi and his agent, who are accused of increasing bribery.

Lee’s defense attorney said, “I admit to receiving some financial benefits, but there was no corruption,” and argued that “the 50 million won for a Benz car from the players’ parents was only a loan and was later repaid, so it is not a payment for corruption.” Lee also briefly said, “I deny all the facts of the indictment .”Lee was put on trial for allegedly receiving a Benz car worth 50 million won, a Rolex watch worth 27 million won, and cash from the players’ parents and agent Choi from last year to this year in exchange for signing two players.

He is also accused of receiving 9 million won from former Ansan FC coach Lim Jong-heon (57-indicted) in exchange for his appointment as head coach. The former coach was investigated for colluding with Mr. Choi in handing over money to Ansan FC for the purpose of getting a player who was a student to join the club. Appearing at the trial, Choi said, “I did not give or receive money in this case, nor did I collude with anyone,” and said, “I will sincerely participate in the trial and defend myself.” Meanwhile, Lim, who was first indicted on charges of receiving 45 million won from Choi in exchange for joining the club, said during his bail hearing that day, “I promise to make a better life if I get out.”

“The defendant has reached an amicable settlement with the victims and is deeply reflective and remorseful,” Lim’s defense attorney said, asking the court to consider that he had dedicated 25 years as a coach and had not received a salary for eight months. The court said it would decide at the next trial whether to merge the cases, as they are being 무료슬롯게임 prosecuted in three separate cases related to recruitment irregularities in professional soccer.

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