Mixed doubles Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yu-jeong were runners-up Come-from-behind loss to the Chinese team
Lee So-hee (left) – Baek Hana

Badminton Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport) and Baek Hana (MG Saemaeul Geumgo) reached the top of the 2024 Asian Individual Championships.

World No. 2 Lee So-hee and Baek Ha-na defeated China’s Zhang Shuxian and Zheng Yu (world No. 7) 2-0 (23-21 21-12) in the women’s doubles final of the tournament held in Ningbo, China on the 14th.

It has been 19 years since Lee Kyung-won and Lee Hyo-jung in 2005 that a Korean women’s doubles pair won the championship.

Lee So-hee and Baek Hana, who won the All England Open, the most prestigious badminton competition last month, won gold again in their first international competition since then.

Lee So-hee and Baek Hana seemed to have an easy victory, taking an 18-9 lead in the first set.

However, after conceding 7 consecutive goals, they were only able to make up one point, and after that, they lost four more points and were on the verge of giving up a set point.

Fortunately, Lee So-hee and Baek Hana, who regained their concentration, took the game to a deuce and succeeded in taking the lead by winning two points at 21-21.

After winning a valuable victory after a close battle, the mood of the game shifted towards Lee So-hee and Baek Hana.

Lee So-hee and Baek Hana, who went into the interval with a one-point lead at 11-10 in the second set, scored three in a row and then scored five in a row to get up to 19-11.

And this time, they ended the second set with a 9-point lead without giving them an excuse to chase.

Seungjae Seo (Samsung Life Insurance) and Yoojeong Chae (Incheon International Airport) took second place in mixed doubles.

World No. 4 Seungjae and Chae Yu-jeong lost to China’s Feng Yanze and Huang Dongping (world No. 3) 1-2 (21-13 15-21 14-21) in the final match.

After exchanging one set each, both teams entered the third set with their stamina depleted.

Korea, which was down at 6-9, took advantage of the opponent’s waning concentration to advance to 11-9 and enjoyed a pleasant break.

However, the break ultimately worked to China’s advantage. China, who reorganized their line, quickly tied the score and ran away with a score of 16-12.

Seo Seung-jae struggled to break the flow with a series of jump smashes, but China continued to gain the upper hand in the ensuing rally, and the third set ended at 14-21. 섯다

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