Sports climbing Lee Do-hyun wins the men’s division in the first Olympic preliminary round combine

Seo Chae-hyun, runner-up in women’s combine… Jeong Ji-min ranked 6th in women’s speed.

Lee Do-hyeon (Black Yak, Seoul City Hall), the ‘signature’ of Korean men’s sport climbing, won the first competition of the 2024 Paris Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS) and came closer to ‘securing a ticket to Paris’.

Lee Do-hyun scored a total of 134.5 points (bouldering 34.5 points + lead 100 points) in the men’s combined (bouldering + lead) final held in Shanghai, China on the 19th, ahead of Alberto Gines Lopes (Spain, 124.5 points) and Adam Ondra (Czech Republic, 124.1 points) and stood at the highest point of the podium. 온라인카지노사이트

Veteran Cheon Jong-won (The North Face, Gyeonggi Provincial Office), who also competed, ranked 22nd, and Song Yun-chan (Doraeul High School) ranked 31st.

Qualifications for sport climbing at the Paris Olympics will be allocated to 20 combine tickets (10 men, 10 women) and 10 speed tickets (5 men, 5 women) based on the results of the two qualifying series.

Accordingly, Do-hyun Lee, who took the top spot in the men’s division in the first competition, secured an advantageous position in advancing to the Olympics ahead of the second QOS competition to be held in Budapest, Hungary on the 20th to 23rd.

It was a wonderful comeback win.

Lee Do-hyun, who advanced to the finals as first place in the preliminaries, failed to complete all four tasks in the bouldering finals held earlier, and tied for fourth place with 34.5 points, seemingly falling away from the championship.

However, Do-Hyun Lee succeeded in successfully overturning the lead in the final.

Lopes, who competed first, climbed from the lead and rose to first place in the intermediate rankings, while Lee Do-hyun, who was the last runner, also climbed completely, creating the drama of a come-from-behind victory.

In an interview with ‘’, Lee Do-hyun joked, “The trophy is too heavy.

I think it weighs about 10 kg,” and then added, “My goal in life is the Olympics, so I’m really happy that I’m one step closer to competing in the Olympics by winning like this” I was happy.

He added, “My main sport is lead, but my bouldering performance at the World Cup was good and I wasn’t good at lead, so people thought of me as a boulderer,” adding, “It was nice to be able to show that I am a lead athlete in this competition.”

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