Player Han signs a 3-year contract with Korean Air worth up to 3.24 billion won to remain as a free agent

Setter Han Sun-soo (38), who qualified as a free agent (FA), signed a contract to remain with Korean Air in the men’s professional volleyball division.

Korean Air announced on the 18th, “We signed a free agent contract with player Han for a 3-year contract period, an annual salary of 750 million won, and an option of 330 million won.”

One player can receive up to 3.24 billion won over three seasons. 카지노사이트탑

In the 2023-2024 season, one player became the V-League salary king with 1.08 billion won (annual salary 750 million won + option 330 million won).

In the 2024-2025 season, player Han reserved the top annual salary with 1.08 billion won.

Han, who began his professional career by being selected as the second pick in the second round by Korean Air in the 2007-2008 rookie draft, has signed all four free agent contracts with Korean Air.

Korean Air said, “Han Sun-soo played exclusively for Korean Air for 17 seasons until last season, leading the team to 7 regular league wins, 5 championship wins, and 5 COBO Cup wins.

An achievement of becoming the first professional volleyball player to win 4 consecutive championships in a row.”

He explained the reason for renewing his contract by saying, “I achieved this with Han, the best setter in men’s volleyball,” and “Even in his late 30s, through consistent self-management, he maintains an activity level comparable to that of young players and a fast and stable toss work, and is still evaluated as the ‘number one setter.'” did.

Player Han said, “I would like to thank the owner once again for his generous support of the volleyball team and all those who devote themselves to the team.

It is thanks to all my fellow players that we were able to turn the difficult crisis of last season into an opportunity.

Korean Air has won a total of 4 consecutive games”

“We will work together to create new records and history” he said.

The men’s FA market closed at 6 p.m. on the 18th.

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