Kyrgyzstan employs a ‘close defense’ strategy, with kickers Kang-in Lee and Seung-ho Baek

The corner kick was directed to Jeong Ho-yeon on the opposite side after flying over the defenders. Central defender Lee Han-beom, who was involved in the attack, struck the ball with his head and rattled the net after Jeong Ho-yeon floated it in front of the goal.

Bahrain, who had a strong defensive effort to close the first half 0-0, was severely rattled after conceding the opening goal. Korea scored two more goals to complete the 3-0 victory over Bahrain on the 24th.

Asian nations have historically used a tight defensive formation while playing Korea in World Cup qualifying or Asian Cups in recognition of the power disparity. Since there was little chance of success, it was determined that obtaining even one point would be a success.

Usually, close defense resulted in futsal. They spent time in a variety of ways, like lying down on the field while the first goal was being scored or maintaining the advantage. The biggest adversaries of Korean soccer were seen to be teams from West Asia, where such crimes were common.

It is expected that Kyrgyzstan, which will compete against the other three teams in the group round of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at Jinhua Sports Center Stadium on July 27, will employ a tight defensive strategy. Kyrgyzstan is a relative underdog and is rated 96th in the FIFA rankings.

In the group stage, Korea scored 16 goals, of which 3—including the goal against Bahrain—came from set piece opportunities. There are numerous approaches. Baek Seung-ho scored from a direct free kick against Kuwait, while Jae-ik Lee, a defender, scored from a hard effort after catching the second ball from a free kick against Thailand.

Seonhongho Hwang spent a lot of time practicing set-pieces in preparation for this competition. Because they are often shorter than Korean players, the Southeast Asian and West Asian team players that are seen at the Asian Games are vulnerable to aerial balls. With the exception of the No. 2 defender Nurlan Ulu Adilet, who is 187 cm tall, most of the defenders in Kyrgyzstan are approximately 180 cm tall. Jaeyong Park stated, “Even though I don’t do much set piece training, I always did a little bit,” in an interview before to the 26th training session. I believe I have always practiced that kind of play because the opposition is constantly crowded (while defending) here.

Set pieces can also be successful because Korea has a wealth of skilled kickers. Baek Seung-ho is displaying his more skilled kicking sense in this competition after scoring a goal off a direct free kick. Additionally, Lee Kang-in is getting ready to kick with his left foot. In addition to Baek Seung-ho and Hong Hyun-seok, the team also included left-footed kickers Lee Kang-in and Baek Seung-ho. Lee Kang-in’s left foot can be utilized when a free kick or corner kick is required. Additionally, by positioning Lee Kang-in and Baek Seung-ho simultaneously in specific free kick situations, a system that can perplex the opposition defense can be developed.

Three times in the past, including the 2019 Asian Cup, the Korean senior national team faced Kyrgyzstan and won each match 1-0. After the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Games, there will be a rematch in the Asian Games.

If Korea defeats Kyrgyzstan, 먹튀검증토토사이트 it will advance to the quarterfinals where it will play the winner of China vs. Qatar’s round of 16 match.

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