Chelsea’s continued poor performance is made more difficult by the two owners’ apparent passion

The popular British daily “Telegraph” just published an intriguing article. Since the beginning of this season, Bedad Egbali, one of Chelsea’s two owners along with Todd Boeli, has visited the players in the locker room following each game.

Roman Abramovich, a Russian, has guided Chelsea to steady growth. Everything was disturbed, though, by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it had to be sold. There were other offers to purchase Chelsea, and after careful consideration and vigorous bidding, Boeli and Egbali, who were wealthy beyond measure, became co-owners of the team.

The grades, however, are hardly stellar. They obtained a failing grade and placed in 12th place the previous year. This year, they finished in 14th place with 1 victory, 2 ties, 3 defeats, and 5 points through the sixth round. Although manager Mauricio Pochettino is working to reduce the squad’s size, the situation is not improving.

As the offensive line is being reorganized and Christian Pulisic is being transferred to AC Milan, the team is dealing with the consequences of not signing a centre striker (striker). Coach Pochettino is receiving criticism from the crowd for his tactics, according to the critics.

Circumstances appear to indicate that nothing can be done about a collapsed family. After losing 1-2 to Brighton and Hove Albion in February during the last season, there was an uproar when it was reported that club owner Boeli went into the players’ dressing room. It is pointed out that investing in a club and infringing on the space of the players are two different things.

Egbali is in the same context. However, the media reported that ‘Egbali did not talk to the players (related to performance). He announced Egbali’s claim that he only encouraged each individual while shaking hands with the players and coaching staff.

It is said that the visit was made with good intentions, but in a situation where poor performance is met with criticism from fans, the owner’s visit itself is enough to cause considerable misunderstanding. This is especially true in the sense that trust in coach Pochettino is also likely to be shaken by the team owner’s attitude.

Egbali also entered the waiting room in the 6th round match against Aston Villa, which was lost 0-1. It would be ideal if there was no disappointment as the last three consecutive games were scoreless. In particular, this game was the worst with Marlo Gusteau being sent off.

Chelsea fans are suspicious that Coach Pochettino’s message at the press conference, “Please be patient and have faith,” conveyed the club owner’s intentions. Otherwise, the argument is that we should focus more on tactical and strategic aspects rather than persuading fans.

Of course, there are rumors that while he controlled the team, Abramovich routinely went to the players’ locker room. This wasn’t something that was frequently seen in Chelsea. Former Chelsea player Frank Lampard reflected on his playing career and said, “I remember those days. I can still remember how happy I was to be there. I acknowledged that I had heard reports about the club’s course and insisted that they weren’t terrible memories.

The derivative effect won’t generate profits, according to investor Boelina Egbali, unless Chelsea wins. In a roundabout sense, the notion that everyone is motivated to succeed has the potential to perplex people’s thinking because it increases pressure on them and leads to personal gain.

Of course, it is rumored that Abramovich frequently visited the players’ locker room when he owned the team. In Chelsea, this was not something that was frequently observed. Frank Lampard, a former player for Chelsea, reflected on his playing days and remarked, “I remember those days. I recall being delighted to be with them. I’ve heard rumors regarding the club’s trajectory, and I claimed it wasn’t a horrible recollection.

According to investor Boelina Egbali, the derivative effect won’t result in profits unless Chelsea triumphs. In a roundabout way, the idea that everyone wants to win has the potential to muddle people’s thinking because it puts more pressure on them and results in personal gain.

It is made clear that even if he does play, he must make a decision that considers the circumstances both before and after the game. Daniel Levy and Pochettino were close friends while they were both coaches at Tottenham Hotspur. Although the team owner’s visit was not out of the ordinary, he drew a line and said that the manager was in charge of practice, game strategy, 카지노사이트킴 and crowd management.

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