The NC Dinos today donated 8,000 Dream Balls to local middle and high school baseball teams.

Dreamballs are baseballs used by NC Dinos players in games and training throughout the season. NC has been donating Dream Balls to local amateur baseball teams since 2015, sharing the sweat and passion of professional players with local dreamers.

This year, Dream Balls were delivered to the high school teams of Masan Yongmago, Masan High School, Gimhae High School, Yarogo BC, Changwon Industrial High School, Milyang BC, and Geoje BC, and the secondary teams of Naedong Middle School, Masan Middle School, Masan Dong Middle School, Sinyue Middle School, Gyeongnam Eopo Middle School, Yarogo BC, Milyang Donggang Middle School, Haman BC, and Gimhae BC.

NC Dinos President Lim Sun-nam said,

“We hope that the Dream Ball, which contains the sweat and passion of professional players, will inspire local baseball dreamers to have bigger dreams and hopes. NC will continue to make efforts to develop local amateur baseball, including donating Dream Balls.”

Masan Yongmago head coach Jin Min-soo said, “We are grateful for NC’s continued interest and support. We hope that the fighting spirit shown by NC this year will be passed on to our players through the Dream Ball. 카지노사이트넷 We ask for your continued interest and encouragement to help local amateur athletes reach their dreams.”

Masan Yongmago student (3rd grade) Jeong Ji-sung said, “The Dream Ball has a special meaning for me because I am developing my dream of becoming a professional player by watching NC players. I look forward to standing on the mound at Changwon NC Park one day and will work hard to fulfill my dreams.”

In addition to the Dream Ball donation, NC also provides baseball equipment and apparel to local amateur baseball teams every year, and this year, NC is conducting various activities to develop local amateur baseball, such as holding a one-day baseball class.

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