The Lionel Messi (37, Inter Miami) effect has hit the United States.

2022 was one of Messi’s best years to date. Messi led Argentina to the World Cup title in Qatar. Argentina won the World Cup final in Qatar 4-2 on penalties after playing France to a 3-3 double-overtime tie on Dec. 19 last year.

Messi’s multi-goal performance was matched only by Kylian Mbappe’s ‘hat-trick’. After playing for PSG, Messi moved to Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami. The United States was once a soccer barren country, but with Messi’s arrival, it exploded.

Messi’s arrival in the U.S. has changed the sporting landscape in a country that has been called “soccer barren. Thanks to Messi, Apple TV, which broadcasts Major League Soccer in the U.S., gained 110,000 subscribers in a single day. This is the largest single-day increase ever. That’s a whopping 1,700% increase over the previous day.

Inter Miami was a perennial last-place team in American professional soccer. But after Messi arrived, the team went on a winning streak and won the League Cup. The MLS has benefited from the “Messi effect,” with stadiums selling out everywhere he plays.

Time magazine named Messi its Athlete of the Year for 2023. “At Inter Miami, Messi accomplished what few thought possible. “Messi accomplished what he thought was impossible at Inter Miami: turning the United States into a soccer nation. Messi has earned another medal.”

The Messi effect continues. Messi bought a 968-square-foot mansion near his home stadium in Miami. Since then, real estate prices in his neighborhood have skyrocketed.

One of Messi’s neighbors, entrepreneur Patrick David, said, “Since Messi moved into the neighborhood, the price of my house has gone from $7 million to $25 million. “It’s because our neighborhood is very safe and private,” he said with a laugh.

“Messi’s arrival in the U.S. has not only promoted soccer, but has also had a huge impact on commercial values, including real estate,” said ESPN. All of this is the influence of the world champion soccer player.”


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