David Seaman, the legendary Arsenal goalkeeper who guarded the North London club’s goalpost for 13 years and played for the England national team

also fell in love with the performance of rival club Tottenham and Son Heung-min.

On the 5th (Korean time), Seaman looked back at the Tottenham Hotspur-Manchester City (Man City)

match in the 14th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League held on the 4th on his podcast channel ‘Simon Says’ and left a favorable review of Son Heung-min. 먹튀검증사이트

When the female host who appeared with him asked about his views on Tottenham and Man City

Seaman hesitated for a moment and then revealed his honest stance, saying, “I will take off my Arsenal hat and speak.”

This is because Arsenal has a historic rivalry with Tottenham.

“Tottenham held on really well in the 15th to 20th minutes of the first half.

Manchester City tried all their attacks, but Tottenham scored with one counterattack,” she said. 

It was a goal following Son Heung-min’s counterattack in the 6th minute of the first half.

In the game, Son Heung-min opened the game by breaking through Manchester City’s defense with an explosive run and scoring a goal.

It was like scoring the first goal against the strongest team in the world. Seaman said, “(Just looking at that scene) I can’t help but praise Tottenham.”

However, Tottenham and Son Heung-min had to concede an unexpected goal.

This is because the ball hit Son Heung-min’s knee in a Manchester City set piece in the 9th minute of the first half and went into Tottenham’s goal

resulting in an own goal. Seaman expressed his opinion that it was not Son Heung-min’s fault by saying

Son Heung-min’s own goal is a mistake that anyone can make,” and “His reaction was quick

but he had no choice but to go into the goal.”

He also praised Tottenham coach Anzhi Postekoglou’s aggressive stance.

“They were Tottenham,” said Seaman.

I thought they would give in to Manchester City pressure, but they held on really well,” he said.

You might think Postekoglou is a calm and quiet guy, but when you look at his face, he is twisted with anger.

How dare you challenge him?” “It’s the charisma of someone who doesn’t have one,” he added.

Dejan Klusevski, who scored the third goal to draw 3-3 against Manchester City

also reported that Postekoglou poured out his anger in the locker room after the end of the first half.

At the time, Postekoglou told them to get rid of their fear of mistakes, saying

Go and play soccer because you are absolutely not worse than Manchester City.

 In the end, Tottenham ended the fierce struggle by tying the score for the third time in the game with a Klusevski header in the 45th minute of the second half.

Seaman said, “If you look at each team’s situation, they may have been inferior

but Tottenham’s confidence was good,” and added

It was thanks to Postekoglou keeping his head strong.

He also did not hide his praise for the rival team

saying that he is “the best manager at Tottenham at the moment.”

Tottenham’s success is thanks to their quick counterattack.

Son Heung-min is leading this counterattack. 

Simon also seemed to recognize this. 

When the host asked Seaman which team was stronger at counter-attacking, Tottenham or Liverpool

Seaman laughed and said, “I’ll wear the (Arsenal) hat again,” and then added

But Liverpool are better at counter-attacking because they have stronger firepower up front.” He said.

However, he said, “Son Heung-min is an unbelievable player.

He runs very quickly and has excellent ball control skills.

However, while Son Heung-min is the mainstay of Tottenham’s counterattack

Liverpool also has sub-par Darwin Núñez, natural finisher Mohamed Salah, and a decent winger named Luis Diaz to assist the two players.

Therefore, Liverpool is considered to be slightly better than Tottenham in terms of counterattacking.

Seaman said, “Nuñez is also fast at running, but his control ability is slightly lower (than Son Heung-min),” and added, “However

Liverpool has strong supporting players including Salah and Dias.

Tottenham only has Son Heung-min and Brennan Johnson.”

Seaman concluded the Tottenham-Man City match by saying

“Currently, the team’s options are limited due to the absence of James Maddison (at Tottenham).

If Johnson’s control gets a little better, the entire team’s attack can develop sufficiently.”

Meanwhile, in that game, both teams scored a total of 6 goals.

Regarding this situation, Seaman complained of pain, saying

“As a former goalkeeper, this is a game I can’t watch with my eyes open,” causing the crowd to burst into laughter.

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