It is a decision that the enemy commander actually admitted to making a mistake. But rules are rules. 

Manchester City is in danger of disciplinary action.

Manchester City is expected to be disciplined by the English Football Association (FA) 카지노사이트랭크

for violently protesting against the referee’s decision during the home game against Tottenham Hotspur on the 4th (Korean time).

According to multiple media outlets, including Reuters and the Associated Press

the FA issued a statement and pointed out, “The behavior of the Manchester City players surrounding the referee during the match against Tottenham was a violation of association regulation E20.1.”

He then hinted at the possibility of disciplinary action, saying, “The club failed to control the players’ inappropriate behavior.”

E20.1 is a regulation that obliges clubs to ensure that players do not behave in an aggressive

violent, threatening, obscene, provocative or inappropriate manner.

Manchester City can appeal the charges until the 7th, local time.

The Manchester City players were dissatisfied with the decision and surrounded referee Simon Hooper just before the end of the 14th round match against Tottenham in the 2023-24 season English Premier League (EPL) the previous day.

There were a series of controversial decisions made at the end of the game. Extra time in the second half

tied 3-3. Holland caught the ball in the center circle. 

At this time, Tottenham Emerson Royal tackled him and he lost his balance for a moment. It was a foul.

Referee Hooper did not blow his whistle. He made a hand signal to proceed with the game.

Holan immediately checked Jack Grealish running forward. He quickly lifted the ball and dropped it in front of his teammate.

Grealish penetrated into the space behind the Tottenham defense and tried to catch the ball. At that time

referee Hooper suddenly stopped the game. 

The situation was later resolved with a free kick following a Royal foul.

It was a situation where three Tottenham defenders were chasing Batu. 

However, if Grealish had held the ball and advanced straight to the goal

he would have had a 1-on-1 chance with the goalkeeper. 

It could have led to the goal that confirmed Manchester City’s new victory. It wasn’t offside either.

Holland correctly observed referee Hooper’s hand signal to continue the game. Afterwards, there were no problems with the play as it was connected through a pass.

The Manchester City players, including Holland, were furious. Hooper vehemently protested the proceedings. In the end, Holland received a yellow card.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola was also caught expressing his dissatisfaction with the second referee.

The controversy continued in the following possession. Tottenham’s Oliver Skipp and Manchester City’s Manuel Akanji fought over the cross that Rodri put into the penalty box.

 At this time, Skip grabbed Akanji’s shoulder with his left hand. They both fell almost at the same time.

 A VAR review followed, but referee Hooper ruled that it was not a penalty kick.

Manchester City ended up with a 3-3 draw, earning a rather disappointing 1 point at home.

When asked by local reporters about the decision

Tottenham coach Anzi Postekoglou also acknowledged that it was in fact a misjudgment, saying, “I understand how Coach Guardiola feels.”

When a reporter asked, ‘Do you think you got one point thanks to the referee?’, he said, “That’s right. I think so,” acknowledging that he benefited from the decision.

Holan couldn’t shake off his anger even after the game. On his He also posted video of the game attempting his own penetrating pass in extra time in the second half.

Jermaine Jenas, from Tottenham and currently working as a commentator for the British public broadcaster BBC

shook his head and said, “This is a poor decision. I don’t know what referee Hooper was thinking.”

However, the FA decided not to take any special action regarding the profanity posted by Holland on X.

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